Commercial Solar Project Types

The popularity of Commercial Solar Panels in the UK is rising, as an increasing number of Businesses and Organisations – including farms, offices and schools – look to take advantage of the cost-saving, profitable, and environmental benefits on offer.


Agricultural Solar Panels


Farm Solar Panels are unsurprisingly becoming more commonplace in the UK, with farmers increasingly realising the benefits of installing Commercial Solar Panels to reduce daily running costs.Farms, dairies and other agricultural buildings generally have a high daily electricity usage to power lighting and equipment. With Commercial Solar Panels, agricultural buildings can generate their own electricity leading to subsequently lower energy bills.

School Solar Panels


A number of UK schools are turning to Commercial Solar Panels as a way to generate an additional income, boost tightened school budgets and meet social responsibility commitments. As well as benefitting from an additional income, Commercial Solar Panels offer cost-saving benefits for schools. Solar Panels generate electricity that can be used for free to power lighting, computers and other electrical equipment,

resulting in lower costs and energy bills.


Office Building Solar Panels


Office-based Businesses and Organisations will typically have a large output of electricity to power lighting, computers, and office equipment, leading to high energy bills. By investing in Commercial Solar Panels, Businesses and Organisations can use the green energy generated to help reduce high daily energy costs and subsequently stand to make great savings on electricity bills.


Community Solar Panels

Commercial Solar Panels can be installed on community properties including youth clubs and community centres. They can even be installed on entire villages that wish to get into the community spirit by joining together to potentially reduce costs.

By installing Commercial Solar Panels, such community properties will be able to earn an additional income through the Feed-in Tariff and benefit from free electricity during daylight hours.

Who else can benefit?


Any Business or Organisation, from a small shop to a large factory, can benefit from Commercial Solar Panels as long as there is a suitable roof to situate the panels on.As well as the Businesses and Organisations mentioned above, the following could also take advantage of the benefits of Commercial Solar Panels:


·         Social housing landlords

·         Private housing landlords

·         Public sector buildings

·         Gyms and Sports clubs

·         Shopping centres

·         Swimming pools

·         Hospitals

·         Factories

·         Car parks

·         Supermarkets

·         Train stations

·         Fire stations

·         Leisure centres

·         Police stations

·         Zoos

·         Public Houses

·         Food Emporiums

·         Sporting arena

·         Cricket Pavilions

·         Banks & Building Societies

·         Churches, Mosques, Synagogues