Preparing your system for grid connection may be something you have already done; but if not, than we are here to assist you in the process. We aim to make the process of getting the solar panel system installed as easy as possible.


Connecting to the distribution network is arranged by us working with the Distribution Network Operator (DNO). 

If the system is under 3.68kWp come under engineering recommendations G83/1, this size system will require the DNO being informed and the system can be installed without prior notice.

However, for any systems we install the DNO will need to be consulted before the solar panels can be installed. This is to ensure that the distribution network can handle the extra power which is being provided.

This process can take some time, in some cases up to three months. It may require upgrades to your supply – this is something which can only be done by the DNO provider.(ie weston power, eon etc)

We are able to offer a consultation on this process for a small fee due to the application being technical and would require some skilled attention. A full refund will be offered when you place an order with COMMERCIAL SOLAR INSTALLER