1. Finance

We arrange for all costs of installation of solar (or wind) and renewables to be paid direct by the funder and recovered over a 9/10 year lease system.

No charges are taken on the property.


This is conventional lease purchase finance (on or off balance sheet, fixed or variable interest rate, with or without a residual value) which our clients take on and which finishes immediately the lease is paid off.

2. FiT (Feed In Tariff) incentive and power generation income

Aligned with this, working with our partners. We enter into the Government F.I.T incentive and power generation income. We can collect this on our clients ' behalf.

All management issues are dealt with, removing any additional headcount cost or other management issues.

This management can continue past the end of the lease if you wish – it’s your decision.

Of course, as it’s the customer’s money, any over production income and RPI (retail price index) increases are paid direct to the customer

As it’s the customer’s money and if you wish to use the income for other purposes and pay the leases separately, that is the customer’s prerogative.

Remember, unlike roof rental, the lease ends after  9/10 years but the income runs for 20 years.

So you can look forward to 10 years of FiT incentive and power generation income. This potentially provides an income of circa eleven million pounds per 1000 4Kv Solar PV system installations. Obviously this amount will depend on future Governmental FiT policy, future power pricing and inflation. But this solution is viable down to an entry level of 6.5pKwh

Or you could potentially sell and re-lease the assets again and receive a lump sum. Our sister company will also strive to obtain better than the FiT (Feed In Tariff) incentive and power generation income by negotiating with the power companies (due to economies of scale).

We can only deal with treble A rated organizations such as yours. No security is required (such as charges against property etc) other than the contractual lease obligation to pay the due lease rentals.

3. Concerns

We have policies in place that can deal with all concerns including “Right to Buy” and various others.

Small Print / Catches

The management of the FiT incentive and power generation income is a chargeable service which is not linked to the lease or the funders. It is subject to separate contract. It is deducted from the FiT incentive and power generation income as agreed.

4. Bespoke

The method works for a variety of solar and wind solutions. It’s not limited to 4Kv Solar PV installations.

All financial solutions are tailored to meet your requirements and arranged directly between yourselves via a reputable funder.





Roof rental has received a lot of bad press lately, in many cases with good reason.

It’s true that compared to a commercial lease as Finance Leasing offers, typical roof rental schemes are expensive.
However it is also true that they offer the customer no risk (as long as the supplier is creditable). However, you have no control over the asset for many years.


Roof rentals are therefore not zero risk and contracts can contain heavy penalty clauses.




Roof Rental

Term (Years)

10 years

25 years

Payment Time

10 years

0 years

Possible Property Sale Issues



Gain power generated income / FiTs



Reduce power bills



Ownership transferred

10 years

25 years

Insured By





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