Commercial Solar Installer

  Large commercial properties across the UK are currently facing increasing pressure to lower their carbon emissions. They are being urged  to do so by the government in order to help them to achieve carbon emission and renewable energy targets as set out in the Climate Change and Sustainable Energy act of 2006.

 Also, with the rising costs of electricity, many businesses are suffering from an increase in overheads.

Installing solar panels on a commercial property can help protect against future rises in fuels costs and will significantly save on running      costs as well. In addition to this, businesses will be set to benefit from a 10-14% tax free inflation linked return when they register the  solar panel installation with the government backed Feed in Tariff scheme.

This scheme's payments are set to decrease over time, meaning the sooner you get an installation up and running the better off financially you will be. By installing solar panels on any currently unusedroof space, a company can ensure every part of their premises is put to use in the most practical and cost effective way.                           

How Do Solar Panels Work?

Contrary to popular belief, solar panels do not need constant direct sunlight in order for them to work. All they need is daylight.

They work when the light hits the panels and the energy from the light is converted into electricity. The solar panel system will have to be set up so it connects to the national grid. The ideal roof space for a solar panel installation is south facing with no obstructions from overhanging trees and other buildings. The company that fits the installation will do a full survey of the intended roof space to make sure that it is suitable to hold the solar panels in place for a minimum of twenty  years, which is the length of time the solar panels are guaranteed for.

The roof will need to have good means of access for fitting and maintenance purpose. Roof spaces which are unsuitable for the fitting of solar panels are asbestos and lead roofs.

If you think that you have a good intended space for the installation of solar panels, you can approach COMMERCIAL SOLAR INSTALLER to come and have a look and they can advise you on the best sort of installation for your premises. However, it is not just roof space that can be used. Some businesses will have also have space to fit a ground based system that can work just as successfully.  

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